Ebola concerns addressed: Officials say the water is safe

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SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio — Many have voiced concerns about the local water supply after a nurse traveled through Northeast Ohio who was later diagnosed with Ebola.

So can Ebola spread through our drinking water?

According to Summit County Public Health, the short answer is no.

A recognized leader in drinking water research, the Water Research Foundation, provided the city of Akron with information to reinforce that Ebola cannot spread through the drinking water supply.

That’s because water does not provide the same environment as our bodily fluids.

Ebola is not foodborne, waterborne, or airborne.  It is spread through direct contact with infected bodily fluids like blood, vomit, feces, etc …

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Amber Vinson, 29, traveled from Dallas to Cleveland on Oct. 10 and spent time with her family in Tallmadge and the Akron area before flying back to Dallas on Oct. 13.

She was diagnosed with Ebola upon her return.

Since then, local schools and businesses have been taking measures “out of an abundance of precaution.”

Several people who were in direct contact with Vinson were also quarantined to ensure they do not develop symptoms of the virus.

Symptoms appear between 2 and 21 days.


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