Airport used surveillance video to trace Ebola patient’s steps, paid $45K to disinfect

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland Hopkins International Airport spent upward of $45,000 to clean parts of the facility after news that one of their passengers had been diagnosed with Ebola.

Amber Vinson is the Dallas nurse who visited Northeast Ohio and was then diagnosed with Ebola after returning to Texas. She flew into Cleveland on Oct. 10, and flew back to Dallas on Oct. 13.

Airport spokesperson Jackie Mayo said at a press conference Friday that the airport was able to track Vinson’s activity throughout the airport via security surveillance video, and as a result, disinfected Concourse A and several restrooms.

The CDC did not require the airport to take those extensive cleaning measures, said Mayo, but the facility went to those lengths as a precaution.

Currently, 16 people are being monitored after having contact with Vinson. So far, all contacts are healthy with no sign of illness.  All are being monitored based on a tiered system: those with closer or direct contact with Vinson will be monitored more closely.


Health officials are still trying to contact all passengers that may have had contact with Vinson during her Oct. 10 flight from Dallas to Cleveland. None of the current 16 contacts include anyone on that flight. So more could be placed under some type of monitoring.

Mayo said it’s “business as usual” at the airport. Some travelers have been seen using gloves or masks as a precaution, but mostly with their children.

Officials emphasized that no cases of Ebola have been confirmed in Northeast Ohio. There is also no known risk for children attending schools in Cuyahoga County — and that there is no reason to cancel school or any events.


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