Akron Public Schools close one building, address Ebola issues

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AKRON, Ohio -- Akron Public Schools held a press conference Thursday to discuss Ebola issues and how they affect the district.

FOX 8 image-- Resnik Community Learning Center

FOX 8 image-- Resnik Community Learning Center

Thursday, district officials announced that one of their schools will be closed until Oct. 20: Resnik Community Learning Center.

The mother of a student at that school had contact with the latest Ebola patient. Officials emphasized the student did NOT have contact themselves with the patient.

The student is being quarantined with their mother, who is being monitored by the health department.

According to a letter to school parents, Resnik was closed only as a precaution -- the district will perform a thorough cleaning prior to its reopening.

*For the complete letter sent to Resnik parents about the situation, click here*

A meeting will be held for district parents at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Firestone High School auditorium so officials can answer questions and provide more information.

What parents in Summit County need to know

Yesterday, it was announced that health care worker Amber Vinson has Ebola. Vinson, 29, was one of the nurses who helped care for patient Thomas Eric Duncan. He died from Ebola on Oct. 8.

Vinson flew from Dallas/Fort Worth to Cleveland on Oct. 10 to visit family and plan her wedding. She made the return trip on Oct. 13 from Cleveland to Dallas/Forth Worth.

Health officials have since been trying to find and interview anyone who may have come in contact with Vinson when she was here.

No Ebola cases have been confirmed in Northeast Ohio.

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Darcie Loreno October 16, 201412:18 pm

Officials: Meeting will be held tonight at 7:30 p.m. to provide parents with more information.

Darcie Loreno October 16, 201412:18 pm

Officials: No confirmed Ebola infection of people in town. Quarantines are precautionary items.

Darcie Loreno October 16, 201412:20 pm

Officials: Student whose mother had contact with Amber Vinson is in voluntary quarantine along with his/her mother.

Darcie Loreno October 16, 201412:20 pm

Officials: Resnik CLC has been closed as a precaution. The student had NO contact with Amber Vinson.

Darcie Loreno October 16, 201412:21 pm

Officials: The health department did not order the school to close. It was voluntary.

Darcie Loreno October 16, 201412:25 pm

Officials: This is all a precaution.

Darcie Loreno October 16, 201412:29 pm

Press conference concludes