Ebola protection: Supplies fly off shelves

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SOUTH EUCLID - The news of Dallas nurse Amber Vinson, who was diagnosed with Ebola after visiting the Cleveland area over the weekend, has people rushing to medical supply stores to pick up protective gear.

E‎m‎ployees at a local medical supply store ‎in South Euclid told FOX 8 sales have increased more than 20 percent in just the past couple of days.

Mary Barta, of Buckeye‎ Medical Supply in South Euclid, said phones have been ringing off the hook since news broke Wednesday that Dallas nurse Amber Vinson, who was diagnosed with Ebola Tuesday was in the Akron area over the weekend.‎

Barta said medical offices are calling to get the no-touch thermometers, as well as face masks, gowns, and even shoe covers.

Workers tell us that they aren't just getting calls from health care ‎employees but from people who are just afraid of catching the virus.

Barta also said that some people at local stores are wearing gloves while shopping because they want to protect themselves.‎

"If you go into different places, whether it's a grocery store or a drug store, a lot of people are just putting gloves on as they are doing their activities as a precaution, they are being as vigilante as they can to safeguard themselves," Barta said.‎

‎Barta said so far they haven't run out of any supplies but if the high demand continues that could happen sometime soon.


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