Jurors see gruesome crime scene photos in murder of husband and wife

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AKRON- Jurors in the murder trial of Shawn Ford. Jr., 19, were shown photographs on Friday of the gruesome crime scene for which he is accused of being responsible.

Ford faces a possible death sentence if he is convicted of the murder of Akron attorney, Jeff Schobert, 56, and his wife, Margaret, 59, who were beaten to death inside their New Franklin, Ohio home in March of 2013.

The crime happened ten days after their daugher, Chelsea, was beaten and stabbed while out with Ford, a crime he is also accused of committing.

On Friday, Ford sat slumped in his chair between his defense attorneys as investigators referenced gruesome crime scene photos.

The Schoberts were beaten to death with a sledgehammer, each of them struck multiple times.

Prosecutors believe a motive for the murders is that the Schoberts objected to their daughter continuing to date Ford and prevented him from seeing her while she was in the hospital recovering from her wounds.

Their belief was confirmed from the witness stand on Friday by Akron Detective Bernita King, who was investigating Chelsea's attack.

Following their daughter's beating, King interacted frequently with the Schoberts, spending time at the hospital with Chelsea.

On the witness stand, she testified that they indicated to her they objected to their daughter continuing to see Ford.

Jurors on Friday also heard from a contractor who was working on the Schoberts' home.

The contractor, who chose not to have his name used by the media, testified that he sensed something was wrong when he went to the Schoberts' home the day of the murders and eventually went to their bedroom where he first found Mrs. Schobert on the floor.

"I immediately screamed for my brothers which came down the hall, did not enter the bedroom. They peeked in and that's when my older brother yelled, 'everybody get the hell out of the house and call 911,'" he testified.

New Franklin Police Officer Jason Bailey testified that he was met by the contractors when he arrived at the house.

Bailey testified that the contractors were trying to tell him about two victims, a sledgehammer, and a scene that seemed as though it was out of the movies.

He also went to the bedroom where he saw the two victims, describing a terrible scene with blood everywhere.

"In the middle of the bed, it would have been to the right of the male victim, I saw the sledgehammer. I then backed out of the room and I radioed for my detective bureau," said Bailey.

Jurors were warned in opening statements on Thursday that the photos of the crime scene would be difficult to see.

The trial continues next Wednesday.‚Äč

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