Victims of home burglary offer to pay suspects to turn themselves in

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WADSWORTH, Ohio -- A couple’s home was burglarized while they were on vacation, but instead of getting angry they got a plan and posted it on Facebook.

The family was out of town in late September when they learned someone had broken into their Wadsworth home on Archwood Road.

They returned to find a number of items missing including: a large flat screen TV, Ten Point Crossbow with unique silver screw on the scope, silverware set, multiple Pandora charms and their wedding rings.

“We were on vacation and we’d left our wedding rings, and her engagement,” said Keith, “because we were at the lake.”

Also taken was his vintage 1991 Yamaha Acoustic Guitar and a vintage 1970’s Aries 6-string Acoustic Guitar. That guitar has sentimental value to the family because it was purchased by Keith’s wife for her now deceased father.

But despite all they lost and have to replace, the family is offering a $1,000 cash reward which is posted on the Wadsworth Police Department’s Facebook page.

Patrolman Daniel Chafin said, “In all the years I worked here I’ve never had a case like this where they offer reward.”

And the motive behind the reward is even more surprising.

As much as they want their belongings back they also want to help the suspects. Keith said they’re offering a $2,000 reward if the person turns themselves in to police for help.

“I just think there’s always a chance to rehabilitate the person doing these things,” said Keith.

Anyone with information is asked to call Wadsworth police at 330-334-1511. Anonymous tips can be left in a voice mail box at 330-335-2769.