October 9, 2014

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One of the biggest names in comedy is back in town! Tom Papa, best known for hosting “The Marriage Ref” and touring with Jerry Seinfeld, was in studio today! Take a look at our video clip for the very funny interview.

You can see Tom at Hilarities on East 4th Street tonight through Sunday, October 12th!


Vintage House Cafe

It’s our new favorite way to eat brussel sprouts! Mark Adams, Executive Chef from Vintage House Cafe, joined us in the kitchen.

Vintage House Cafe is the Real Deal of the week! If you visit the contest page on http://www.fox8.com, you can purchase a half price gift certificate.

Click here for Mark’s Brussel Sprout recipe.



Two minutes – that’s all it takes to make a positive difference in your week. Dr. Mark Giuliano from Old Stone Church joined us with details on their special commercials.

For more information, visit:  www.OldStoneChurch.org

Lake EERIE Fearfest

It may be the most feared spot in Northeast Ohio this season! Lake EERIE Fearfest has come to Sandusky! Here with all the details was Laura Criscione.

Lake Eerie Fearfest bands the mysterious legends of Lake Erie together under one roof to create the area’s most unique, most feared haunted destination in all of Ohio. You don’t want to miss the nationally recognized Ghostly Manor, and all new haunted encounters brought in from around the world including Darkmare, Caged, Quarantine & Eerie Chateau!

Save some time and buy your tickets online. Each advance ticket purchase will receive one slice of Domino’s pizza with a small fountain drink!

Lake EERIE Fearfest is happening on weekends through November, 1st in Sandusky.


Ask Dr. Marc

Here’s a question for you – how often should you swap out toothbrushes? Dr. Marc answered that and more today!

Dr. Marc is answering even more of your health questions, whether serious or silly, on his half hour special tonight (10/9) at 7:30pm right here on Fox 8.

Moss at the Movies

David went behind-the-scenes of 3 must-see movies!


Not so beer, beer

Not a fan of beer? Yolanda Albergottie from Chuck’s Fine Wines joined David with some options everyone will enjoy! Here’s her list of suggestions:

  • Crispin Hard Apple Cider
  • Crispin the Saint
  • Royal Jamaican Hard Ginger Beer
  • Lindemans Lambic, Peach, Black Cherry
  • Sprecher Hard Root Beer

Chuck’s Fine Wines is located on Bell Street in Chagrin Falls.


Your Health Today

Can radiation cause heart disease? What can patients do if they have this? Dr. Balaji Tamarappoo from the Cleveland Clinic joined us with the answers.


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Light the Night Walk is a very special event supporting those battling cancer. Here to tell us more was Lindsay Silverstein, Executive Director of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and Spencer Ganset with his mom, Lacey.

The Cleveland Light the Night Walk is happening this Sunday, October 12th at Wade Oval in University Circle. It starts at 5pm and runs until 9pm!

To register, call 216-264-5691 or visit: www.lightthenight.org/noh