Eat up! Woman with 24-inch waist consumes 8,000 calories a day

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A woman claims to eat 8,000 calories a day — but is able to maintain a size eight figure with a 24-inch waist.

According to Daily Mail, just one meal for Emma Dalton, 25, of the UK, could be made up of two pieces of lasagna, pudding, 10 cookies, two brownies, four muffins and a slice of cheesecake. That’s followed up with 20 pieces of fruit, a large plate of vegetables and cheese.

She said it all started after visiting the United States and discovering much larger portions of food are consumed. She also said she was teased for being too skinny in school, so she wanted to bulk up.

She says she’s gained a little weight, but feels “healthier than ever.”

She claims to eat four times what an average female consumes. She says she does take part in many competitive eating contests.

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