New details revealed on controversial traffic stop

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SANDUSKY- A Sandusky police officer placed on administrative leave following a controversial traffic stop seems to have known who he was pulling over last week, despite statements contradicting that.

Officer Christopher Denny radioed dispatchers to ask if there were warrants out for Andre Stockett 4 minutes before stopping the car Stockett was riding in on a traffic violation last week, according to Sandusky Police Chief John Orzech.

However, in video recordings of the stop, Denny is heard calling Stockett by another man's name, telling Stockett he appears similar to a man wanted on a felony warrant.

Stockett, who says police have been harassing him, videotaped the stop. He and his girlfriend, who was driving the car, refused to get out of the vehicle, saying they did nothing wrong.

The officer can be heard asking Stockett to identify himself. Stockett refused.

"He knew who I was," Stockett told Fox 8 Monday. "He talked to me moments before my girlfriend came to pick me up. I had my 2-week-old son in the back of the vehicle. I was doing nothing wrong."

Sandusky Police Chief John Orzech said he discovered the discrepancies in Denny's statements after beginning an internal review of the incident.

Wednesday, he placed Denny on paid administrative leave and called for an external investigation to be conducted by the Lucas County Sheriff's Office.

In recordings of the stop, Denny cites numerous reasons for pulling the couple over, including the SUV's headlights not being on at dusk, a K9 hitting on drugs in the car, and an expired driver's license.

No drugs were found in the car, and the license was not expired. Instead, Stockett and his girlfriend were cited for obstructing officials business. They pleaded not guilty and will be in court next month.

The Lucas County Sheriff's Office investigation is expected to take two to three weeks.