Bride murdered hours after wedding gave 911 dispatchers wrong address

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(Photo Credit: CNN)

TERRE HAUTE, Indiana — A woman shot and killed by her husband just hours after they got married reportedly gave 911 dispatchers the wrong address when she called for help, delaying their response.

Kelly Ecker married Dr. George Scott Samson Saturday afternoon.

Wedding guests noticed tension between the two almost immediately. After the reception, the couple hosted members of their bridal party at their home, and not long after the last guest left, the county dispatch center received Ecker’s first 911 call.

Ecker first called for help at about 1:25 a.m., saying her husband was threatening to kill her.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Ecker gave her address as 4205 North Creal Street. Police reportedly were unable to locate that address on a map. Samson also didn’t have “smart 911” on her cell phone, so her location couldn’t be tracked that way.

In all, Samson called 911 four times.

Police found her dead in her home, shot multiple times, at 4025 North Creal Street, about 15 minutes after her first 911 call.

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