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Man claims Comcast contacted his employer after complaint, then he was fired

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A man claims he was fired after his cable provider contacted his boss after he complained about their service.

According to the Consumerist, the man called Comcast after dealing with billing issues and charges for services he didn’t have. When he tried to cancel, a Comcast representative promised the issues would be resolved and he’d get free DVR and a movie channel for three months for his trouble.

The man then says he received several pieces of equipment that he did not order, and he was billed more than $1,800 for it. Additional calls to customer service did no good, he claims.

Eventually, he contacted the company’s “controller” for help. That’s when he says Comcast got in contact with his employer, an accounting firm that actually does business with Comcast.

He was then fired, after being told about an email from Comcast that included all the interactions between he and the cable company.

Comcast released the following statement to Consumerist about the situation:

“Our customers deserve the best experience every time they interact with us. We will review his lawyer’s letter and respond as quickly as possible.”

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