FBI seeks ID of man seen in video released by terrorist group

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(Photo Credit: FBI)

(Photo Credit: FBI)

The FBI has made a plea to the public asking for help identifying a man who appears in a propaganda video released last month by the group calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL).

The plea is part of an initiative to identify people who have traveled or are planning to travel overseas to engage in combat alongside terrorist organizations.

“We need the public’s assistance in identifying U.S. persons going to fight overseas with terrorist groups or who are returning home from fighting overseas,” said Michael Steinbach, assistant director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division.

According to the FBI, in the video, the man’s face is obscured by a mask, and he is dressed in desert camouflage and wearing a shoulder holster. He alternates between Arabic and English giving pro-ISIL statements.

He is seen standing in front of purported prisoners as they dig their own graves.

The video is about 55 minutes long and was released on Sept. 19.

**For that video, click here**

Authorities hope someone might recognize the man through his voice and appearance. He’s believed to have a “North American accent.” The FBI says there are about a dozen Americans known to be fighting in Syria with ISIL.

“We’re hoping that someone might recognize the individual and provide us with key pieces of information,” said Steinbach. “No piece of information is too small.”

The FBI has set up a website for the public to send tips and leads. For that site, click here.

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