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Dr. Oz talks Ebola, vitamins and moving to Fox 8

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He's one of Cleveland's own, so it's only fitting that Dr. Mehmet Oz's popular talk show is on Fox 8.

Oz, who was born in Cleveland, is a world-renowned cardiac surgeon.

He spoke live with Stefani, Gabe and Kristi from the set of his show in New York.

They talked about the growing Ebola crisis.

"I wouldn't worry about Ebola," Oz said.

"At it's very core health care facilities around the country, including in Cleveland, are well equipped to manage this problem and they know how to diagnose people problem when they are presenting at the emergency room."

Dr. Oz also talked about whether or not you need to take vitamins.

He says there are a lot of exciting things for the new season of his show.

"We have a lot of big plans to take you where we've never gone before," Oz said.

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