Wow! ‘Outlaw Instagrammers’ arrested after scaling building for breathtaking pics

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Young members of a adventurers being called the ‘Outlaw Instagrammers’ were arrested after climbing one of the tallest residential buildings in New York City, according to Business Insider.

Their climb was caught on video — they did it so they could take photos of the city skyline.

**View that video in the player above**

The group is made up of teenagers and young adults who climb buildings and bridges to capture the breathtaking views. Many of their adventures are dangerous and illegal.

One of the 15-year-old members, who goes by the screen name Night.Shift on Instagram, told Business Insider that they snuck past the building’s security and up more than 90 sets of stairs. When they got to the top, he says they climbed a crane to take their photos.

He admitted that his mother is angry at him for what happened.

But many people on social media are enjoying their art. Check out some of their shots from that night below:

Other photos taken by the ‘Outlaw Instagrammers’:

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