‘It’s pretty sad’: Vandals set vehicles on fire, bust out windows at longtime business

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PAINESVILLE, Ohio — Vehicles were set on fire and windows were busted at a Painesville business early Saturday morning.

According to the owner of Master Greenscapes on West Jackson Street, six vehicles were ruined and it will cost the business thousands of dollars.

It is being described as a costly and senseless crime.

“I just see flames, roaring over the truck, and I immediately called 911,” said Joshua Cook, who works at the landscaping business.

“Pretty upset about it, pretty angry,” said John Cook, who has owned the business for the last 20 plus years.

Usually, Master Greenscapes has eight dump trucks, but after this vandalism, there’s only five left and that’s not good because workers tell Fox 8 this is an extremely busy time of year for the business.

“Usually we have about three lawn mowing crews that go out every day, and they are all going to need leaf trucks, this time of the year and they took two of our leaf trucks out,” said Cook.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation spent time on West Jackson Street, trying to figure out what exactly happened. At the same time, authorities made their way down the street where someone else’s shed was also vandalized.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is investigating all of the cases of vandalism on West Jackson Street and have not made it clear if they have any suspects.

Either way, the offense is not sitting well with the victims of this crime.

“It’s very hurtful, especially that someone can do this, they didn’t get no money out of the deal or nothing,” said Cook.

The business owner tells Fox 8 the damage from Saturday’s incident will cost at least $60,000 to $70,000 to replace.

“You work so hard to try and help the community and better the community to beautify as a landscaper, and for this to happen, it’s pretty sad,” said John Cook.