Mom makes bold move when 14-year-old daughter ditches class

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WYOMING- A mom in Wyoming takes action when her daughter cuts class.

Jeannie Crutchfield told KTWO that she warned her daughter, Ricki, that she would come to her school if she didn’t act right.

Crutchfield followed through, catching everything on camera. She tells her 14-year-old daughter, “So guess what I’m doing, Ricki? We’re going to go to class and we’re going to hold hands and sit together. Isn’t that great? Mommy and daughter going to class together.  Isn’t it great?”

Crutchfield even posted the video on Facebook. It’s received thousands of views with some asking if the mom went too far.

Ricki’s initial response: “My mother’s crazy” later turned into “It just goes to show that my mom cares.”

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