Download: Is Thanksgiving doomed?

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Black Friday shopping may overtake Thanksgiving.

Industry consultants say retailers may open even earlier, according to

That means Thanksgiving could potentially turn into a full shopping day.

The hours are expected to be released later this month or early November.


  • Deborah

    Is that what the true meaning of the Holiday is all about, then would someone tell me all the years I went to school I really missed something. Oh it must be corporate greed. I would rather be with family and relax. Why can’t the workers do the same??

  • Mike

    Keep the family Holidays as they should be. Doesn’t this world have enough problems instead of finding more greed driven ways to erode family and tradition? Remember the Blue Laws?

  • Deb

    As someone who has worked in retail, I find the whole black Friday mess appalling. People rush thru dinner and hurry out to the mall. if the retailers would only realize that they could do all of this on a regular Friday shopping. have in store specials thru out the day. rather than have all your traffic at 3am then be a ghost town by noon. I am not a fan, and do not partake in black Friday shopping. I think it should be a law!

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