Columbia Gas: Customers threatened with service termination in phone scam

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Columbia Gas of Ohio is warning its customers of a telephone scam that’s surfaced in several areas of the state over the past week.

According to a release from Columbia Gas of Ohio, the scam targets both individuals and small businesses. A caller claiming to be from Columbia Gas tells the customer that they owe money from their past bill and must pay immediately or they face termination of service.

Business owners are instructed to make the transaction by purchasing a money pack card and then calling a toll-free number to complete the transaction.

According to the release, the company emphasizes that they never ask for pre-paid debit cards for payment and provides at least two business days for customers to make a payment before service is terminated.

Anyone with questions about their account are asked to call 1-800-344-4077. Any customers believing they have been a victim of payment fraud are encouraged to call their local authorities as well.