RTA driver gives reason for going wrong way after bus is caught on tape

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CLEVELAND- RTA released new details Tuesday from its investigation into a bus shown on video running a red light and driving on the wrong side of Lorain Avenue.

According to a statement from Media Relations Director Linda Scardilli Krecic, “The operator was unable to exit the West Park Rapid Station at Lorain Road via the regular roadway exit, because a construction vehicle was blocking the exit drive."

A bicyclist, heading east on Lorain Avenue, said he recorded it on his helmet camera around 6 p.m. Friday.

The video shows the bus running a red light to make a left turn onto Lorain. The bus travels the wrong way under a railroad bridge against oncoming traffic. The driver then veers across a median into the proper lanes before pulling up to a bus stop at W. 143rd.

RTA’s statement Tuesday said the driver exited via the entrance to the station “to get her customers to their destination on time” and couldn’t maneuver her 60 foot long bus into the proper lane. It adds “she waited until the westbound lane on Lorain was clear before pulling into the wrong lane.” It’s still unclear what work was being done and whether or not anyone directed the driver to turn.

Still, RTA officials said the driver violated protocol.

The operator did not follow established operating and safety procedure as she should have called for a supervisor for assistance. The operator will be dealt with in accordance to our established procedures,” the statement said. RTA couldn’t elaborate on what the potential punishment could involve.