Recommendation to close top-rated school explained to community

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(FOX 8 image of Arthur Road Elementary in Solon)

SOLON, Ohio- One of the most highly-rated schools in Northeast Ohio may be shut down. Solon school administrators are considering closing one of the community’s four elementary schools.

District Superintendent Joe Regano said enrollment projections do not justify keeping all four schools open. He is recommending that Arthur Road Elementary be the school to close. Arthur Road was the top-performing school on state report cards.

Regano explained his reasoning at a meeting Tuesday night. Regano said the configuration of Arthur Road makes it the best choice to serve the district in other ways, explaining that special needs and other programs could fill the space one day.

“Change is never easy,” he said Tuesday evening. “I get that. There is nothing that says this has to be done today, tonight after the meeting. It is not a vote time. There’s a lot of quality people who live in this town. I’ll be happy to answer questions and take input.”

The final decision is in the hands of the school board. If board members agree to close Arthur Road, the actual closing of the building as an elementary school could be two years away.

The district plans to allow significant public input before any decision is made.