Belly busting breakfast! Sign a waiver before you eat

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Can you beat the bear? A cafe in England is putting people’s bellies to the test.

Bear Grills Café has a breakfast platter called the ‘The Hibernator.’

It is 8,000 calories worth of food, nearly 4 times more than the daily caloric allowance for men and women.

The meal includes:
8 pieces of bacon
8 sausages
4 hash browns
4 fried eggs
4 waffles
4 pieces of toast
4 fried pieces of bread
one 4-egg cheese omelet
large order of fries (chips)
large milkshake

The meal costs $19.99 and has a few rules.

Diners must be at least 18 years old to try it and they must sign a waiver before eating.

*See the ‘Hibernator’ menu and more about what diners get if they complete the belly busting meal here.*