‘I am brave, and you can be brave’: Little girl makes ‘cancer commercial’ to give kids hope

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She’s just five years old, but when you hear Hannah Higgins speak, she sounds braver than some adults.

On YouTube, the family says Hannah was diagnosed with bilateral Wilms tumor (kidney cancer) in February 2014. They said she underwent six months of chemotherapy, radiation to her lungs and flank and surgery to remove her left kidney and part of her right kidney.

Hannah’s parents say she came up to them and wanted to do a ‘commercial’ to show other kids what they might go through if they have cancer.

In the video Hannah says, “If you have cancer, don’t worry. ‘Cause I am brave and you can be brave also.”

Huffington Post reports that Hannah has a few more years of MRI scan check-ins to go before she’s declared fully cancer-free.

*You can see the video above*