Diners leave huge tip after receiving terrible service

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Most people deduct from the tip when they receive bad service at a restaurant, but two diners in Iowa took a different approach.

According to their Facebook post, even though they waited 20 minutes for water, 40 minutes for their appetizer and over an hour for their entrees, they left $100 on a $66 bill.

The post had more than one million ‘Likes.’

It explains why they decided to be so generous.


  • Deborah

    When they left that comment on the receipt, there are most that don’t have a clue what the servers go through, not that is what to expect from them, but they do work the rear ends off and when you leave less the 20% I would say that is an insult I have been there myself as well and when the customer does come first, and the server does his/ her darndest to give great service, don’r be so chincy. Switch place with them for a year and you will see a big difference in your opinion.

  • Moe Better

    In my opinion severalt hings were the waitressed . When a meal is being late one must always speak to the customer and keep them calm if possible. The water as on her and several other things. However, i hope tje note made her sit down and realize that WE must try and be OUR best regardless to whats going on around us…

  • Pat

    I was a server for about 10 yrs or more. It doesn’t take much to turn a bad situation into a good one. Main thing is acknowledge the customer, don’t just try to avoid them. Bravo to the customer that understands what they go through. I do also and always make sure I leave 20 to setomes 50% tips.

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