Do you believe? Fox 8’s Dick Goddard gives this year’s ‘woollybear winter forecast’!

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VERMILION, Ohio -- Last winter was harsh and seemingly unending for Northeast Ohio.

At Sunday's 42nd Woollybear Festival, Fox 8's Dick Goddard gave the 'woollybear winter forecast' for this coming winter.

According to legend, the size of the stripe on a woollybear determines the harshness of the winter ahead. A lot of orange predicts a mild winter, while a little line forewarns severe conditions.

Goddard said the predictions made over the years with woollybears have been remarkably accurate -- that's why he named the huge festival after the little critter.

When he gave this year's forecast, there were some gasps, but also some claps from the audience!

Watch his entire forecast in the video player above.

**People have been spotting Woollybears all over Northeast Ohio for weeks. View their photos in the gallery below, and share your own shots by clicking ‘submit’. Perhaps the photos will help us prepare ourselves even more for the winter ahead!**



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