LeBron on upcoming season: ‘I believe in this team’

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CLEVELAND -A brand new season and a whole new start.

Friday, the new members of the Cleveland Cavaliers took the podium for 2014 Cavs Media Day.

Fans had the chance to hear from coach David Blatt and players including LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving.

LeBron James addressed questions from the media, including his role on the team, his move back to Cleveland, and his recent weight loss.

“I’m going to be one of the leaders with the team. I think everyone will lead… I can lead by example, lead by voice, lead by command, lead with my presence,” said James.

James also addressed a question from Fox 8’s John Telich on his weight loss, saying the weight loss had nothing to do with basketball, and was a personal goal he had set for himself.

Registration for a month-by-month lottery also opens up on the team’s website Friday. During the first week of each month, a winner will be notified that they can buy up to six tickets for one game in the upcoming month.

Fans who do purchase seats won’t be eligible to buy again for the next 60 days.

The Cavs have 50,000 tickets available over their entire 41 game home season.

Monica Volante September 26, 20141:12 pm

LeBron: “I look forward to getting out there tomorrow, when our first day of camp begins.”

Monica Volante September 26, 20141:13 pm

LeBron on his four years in Miami: “Learned to be patient with the process.”

Monica Volante September 26, 20141:15 pm

LeBron on leadership role with team. “I’m going to be one of the leaders with the team, I think everyone will lead. … I can, I can lead by example, lead by voice, lead by command, lead with my presence.”

Monica Volante September 26, 20141:20 pm

LeBron: “I ask more of myself than anyone can ask of me, so my expectations are still high.”

Monica Volante September 26, 20141:21 pm

LeBron: “I believe in this team, I believe what we can ultimately get to.”

Monica Volante September 26, 20141:22 pm

LeBron on weight loss: “It had nothing to do with basketball.”

Monica Volante September 26, 20141:56 pm

Dion Waiters on LeBron return: “I was more excited for the city than anything, I think they deserve it.”