Fraternity under fire: Accused of using color-coded system to drug drinks

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MILWAUKEE, Wis. — A fraternity at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is at the center of a criminal investigation after accusations that members spiked alcoholic drinks with date rape drugs at a party.

According to the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, several people last weekend reported being extremely intoxicated with memory lapses after a party at the Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) fraternity house.

Three females and one male were taken to a local hospital, and calls were made to police several times as students returned to their dorms. Some couldn’t stand or walk, and had color-coded X’s on their hands.

Females at the party could also pay $8 for an index card for free alcoholic drinks from any of the bars in the fraternity house. Some who went to the party reported that some drink cups were moved under the bar while the drinks were being mixed and that some of the alcohol appeared to be cloudy.

A spokesperson for the university said the school is “aggressively pursuing” the investigation.

The president of the fraternity is facing charges after police found marijuana and prescription pills in his room when they executed a search warrant at the home as part of the investigation.

The fraternity was also investigated for rape last year.

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