GoPro catches attempted armed robbery on video

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BUENOS ARIES — A Canadian man with a goal of touring 195 countries by bike had a frightening encounter with a would-be robber, but he got away with an incredible story and crucial evidence.

According to CNN’s Jeanne Moos, Alex Hennessy was approached by a gunman in Buenos Aries who demanded his backpack.  It contained $4,000 worth of camera equipment.

But the most valuable camera was the one position on his helmet. It was a GoPro that recorded the entire encounter.

The video showed Hennessy repeat “Amigo!  Amigo!” to the man as he played dumb, offering his bike instead of the backpack.

The scene drew a crowd, which seemingly scared the other man away.

Moos reported the video had been turned over to the police, but no arrest had been made.


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