Officer’s quick actions captures purse snatcher

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio - A Lakewood police officer busted a purse thief after he was in the right place at the right time.

The robbery happened on board a westbound RTA bus as it pulled up to a stop at Madison and Lakeland Avenues around 10:10 a.m. Tuesday, according to police.

Investigators said Michael Dixon, 53, grabbed cash and a bag from a woman on board the bus, shoving her to the ground before exiting the bus.

A Lakewood motorcycle officer running radar just yards away from the bus stop saw the suspect running and jumped into action.

“I just saw a fast police officer going after a fast gentleman coming off a bus,” said eyewitness Pete Leneghan, who was doing awning work at a nearby business.

“He was like lightning on his bike, sirens going, and flew after him.”

The Lakewood officer chased the suspect down the block to an apartment building at the corner of Madison and Morrison Avenues.

Investigators said the officer cornered Dixon, with hundreds of dollars in stolen cash still in hand and arrested him.

“This is what the officers are trained to do, is recognize something out of the ordinary, something amiss and take action,” said Lakewood Police Chief Tim Malley. “He did a great job.”

Malley said the victim was counting the money when Dixon allegedly stole it. She was treated for scrapes and minor injuries.

“It was out for people to see, and that's not really a good thing, it makes it a little too easy to commit a crime like this,” he said. “Certainly when you're in public, secure your valuables. Don’t leave them out for everybody to see.”

Malley said Dixon will likely face a robbery charge.

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