No joke: Woman wears spaghetti strainer in driver’s license photo

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( courtesy: KFOR)

( courtesy: KFOR)

OKLAHOMA — A woman says it’s no joke. She wore a colander in her driver’s license photo as a symbol of her freedom.

According to KFOR, Shawna Hammond said when she went to get her photo taken, she asked if she could wear her religious headwear and was told yes.

Hammond said she’s a Pastafarian.

“It came about in 2005. A man named Bobby Henderson wrote an open letter to the Kansas State Board of Education. It was actually about teaching creationism in school and he came up with the flying spaghetti monster and it had just as much merit,” Hammond said.

Hammond told KFOR she’s an Atheist and said no one should be forced into certain beliefs.

Officials are reviewing the photo.