Download: The ‘Facebook Diet’ replaces untagging

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(Courtesy: Ariana McLaughlin/CNN)

A Facebook photo tells it like it is.

Many people have untagged those unflattering shots, but now some are becoming motivated by the not-so-perfect images.

The NY Daily News wrote about how social media is scaring people straight – to the gym.

It explains they can’t hide from the reality of the Facebook photo, hence the so-called ‘Facebook Diet’ has been born.

When people notice their less-than-toned bodies showing up in the newsfeed, they feel compelled to make changes in their lifestyle for a more fit and healthy body.

Click here for more on the ‘Facebook Diet.’

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  • Colin Parrish

    I suggest that social media never existed. Like ever. And I say this Social Media that you find another country to make people’s brain sick.

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