September 4, 2014

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Phiner Cuisine

Phiner Dike-Jelden from Phiner Cuisine stopped by our kitchen with a bunch of fresh ideas to add to your meals! She’s the author of the new cookbook, “Fat Be Gone!” Take a look at our video clips for the full story.

Click here for her Sweet Potato Recipe!

Name Your Price: Fall Shoes

It’s our kind of shopping! You get to name your own price at Great Lakes Mall. Renee Sanden joined us with all the details. Watch our video clip for more information.


We welcomed Comedian, Jake Johannsen, to the show! Jake will be at Hilarities on East 4th Street tonight through Sunday, September 7th.

Litehouse Grillmasters

It’s never too early to think about lunch! David was “tailgating” in the parking lot of Litehouse Pools and Spas. He fired up the Weber Grill and assembled the perfect steak sandwich to feed all your friends during the next game.

Click here for the recipe!

Moss at the Movies

David took us behind the scenes of the new film, “Dolphin Tale 2!”

Preserving Your Herbs

Wouldn’t it be nice to cook with herbs from your garden in the middle of November? Here to show you how to preserve your crop was Karen Kennedy from The Herb Society of America.

Here’s some of Karen’s Tips:

  1. Air Drying
    1. Great for oregano, marjoram, dill, thyme, rosemary, sage, lavender, lemon verbena, cilantro
    2. Bundle with a rubber band and hang upside down on a hanger or clothes drying rack
    3. Put a paper bag over seed heads to catch the seeds as they fall
    4. Or lay flat on a screen or paper towel
    5. Dry in a cool dry place away from direct sun


  1. Freezing
    1. Chop herbs and place in ice cube trays, cover with water or olive oil and freeze
    2. Pop out of trays and store in freezer bags.
    3. Freeze whole on a cookie sheet then bag them up
    4. Be sure to label!
    5. Chives – don’t need water


  1. Make Something that will preserve the flavors
    1. Herb vinegar
    2. Herb tea – dried blends or frozen pops of already made tea
    3. Ice cubes – freeze leaves or flowers in water and add them to beverages
    4. Compound butters – mix herbs with butter, roll up in wax paper into a log and freeze; serve with bread, on vegetables or use in cooking
    5. Make herb paste or pesto – basil or herbs like cilantro and parsley too. Or leave out nuts and cheese and freeze the paste to use for flavoring

Your Health Today

23 million people (close to 13% of the population) suffer with COPD. Here with information to sort fact from myth, was Dr. Robert Kotloff.

Myth #1: Only smokers get COPD

  • While smoking is the primary risk factor for COPD, there is a subset of people who get the disease who have never smoked before. This can be caused by a genetic problem called alpha 1 antitrypsin, or other factors. However, still– about 80 percent of COPD deaths are caused by smoking

Myth #2: There are no effective treatments for COPD

  • While doctors most likely can’t reverse the disease completely, they can control symptoms and prevent further damage to the lungs. There are medications available –and the Cleveland Clinic is currently involved in a new trial that involves putting coils in the lungs through a bronchoscope. The coils restore the lungs elasticity and reduce the overinflated size.

Myth #3: Those with COPD can’t exercise

  • Shortness of breath from COPD may make it more difficult to be physically active, but exercise is good for those with the condition. Many with COPD are referred to pulmonary rehabilitation, where specialized respiratory therapists teach breathing techniques, exercises and proper nutrition to make living with COPD easier.


New Day Cleveland’s Weekend Planner:

Let us help plan your weekend! Check out some of these events happening around Cleveland:

15th Annual PlayhouseSquare District
Block Party & Tour
Friday, September 5th
Food, beverages, walking tours
5p – 9p, Tickets: $25

Downtown Akron Art Walk
5-10p Saturday September 6th
Northside District, North High Street, and East & West Market Street
FREE trolley service

Cocktail Week Cleveland
September 4, 2014 – September 8, 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
Downtown, Ohio City, Tremont, Gordon Square & University Circle

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