Josh Gordon’s new job: From football field to car dealership

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(Josh Gordon job at car dealership/ FOX 8 image)

RANDOLPH TWP., Ohio –Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is getting a second chance despite being suspended for a season by the NFL for another failed drug test. Gordon will not be catching passes but will be working on his sales pitch in Portage County.

Randolph Township is a quiet town with a little over 5,500 residents, so it didn’t take long for word to spread that Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was coming to town.

“I had my fantasy football draft this past weekend and there was a rumor that Sarchione’s has been in contact with Josh Gordon’s agent, I’m like get the heck out of here,” said Chris Mazzagatti of Randolph Township.

Gordon was recently suspended by the National Football League for an entire year after failing another drug test. Shortly after learning the news of his suspension, the Sarchione brothers, who own the Ford and Chevy car dealerships in Randolph Township, reached out to Josh Gordon to see if he would be interested in a full-time job.

“I don’t think he’ll make wide receiver salary down there but hopefully it will give him a taste of the real world and I think it will help a lot in his recovery process,” said Matt Nichols of Randolph Township.

Gordon’s duties at the car dealerships are yet to be determined, but the new job will give Gordon some structure in his life; the wide receiver is not allowed to be at the Browns facility or take part in any team activities.

“This is an opportunity for him to do the right thing and he is going to see what it’s like to do the right thing every day. We work hard. He’s going to have to work hard and I think it will be a good experience for him and it’s going to be a culture change for us,” said Randolph Township resident Lee Jenior.

“Everybody I’ve talked to it seems to be genuine excitement,” said Mazzagatti. “I think for him to come to Randolph will be a humbling experience. It’s a hard-working town and if he can prove himself here and stick it out I think that will go a long way in earning Cleveland fans respect back and trust.”

Most residents in Randolph Township knew of the Josh Gordon news over the weekend, but at the Randolph Inn, it was still the talk of the table.

“This guy needs help and we may be the right people for him,” Jenior said.

“He made a mistake. He’s doing his time,” said Carl Pohto. “So give the guy another chance; that’s all I can say.”

Gordon is expected to start his job in the next few days but the news that he is coming to town already has one resident interested in hearing his sales pitch.

“I’m actually in the market for a new truck so I may have to go down there and buy one after my busy season. I think it’s awesome,” Mazzagatti said.

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