Mayor Jackson: Gun registry would help prevent violence

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CLEVELAND- Mayor Frank Jackson met with Cleveland City Council Wednesday to discuss proposed legislation that would create a gun offender registry in the city.

Mayor Jackson testified in favor of a proposed re-write of the city's gun laws.

"This is not a panacea or a silver bullet. This is tool we need to continue our effort," said the Mayor.

An effort Mayor Jackson's announced back in June, which included a comprehensive gun control code within the city.

"This legislation will repeal all of codified ordinances as it relates to gun laws and we are going to mirror the state code. In addition we will add two new items," said Councilman Matt Zone, Ward 15.

One of them is a gun registry where individuals who have committed a crime must register their firearms with the city of Cleveland.

"The second item is you can’t purchase more than one firearm per 90 days in the city of Cleveland. We will be putting a prohibition on guns on any parks, playgrounds, schools, and recreational facilities," added Zone.

Cleveland had a series of gun laws that were nearly wiped out by state law back in 2007.

The mayor and city council want to redefine all that.

But some councilmen aren't completely sold.

"I think the registry assists in investigations, like a sex offender registry. But when it comes to the other things, I'm not sure if it will impact gun violence in Cleveland," said Councilman Jeff Johnson, Ward 10.

Meantime, gun rights groups have already threatened to sue to stop the city's proposal.
"I want to see meaningful legislation passed. We need partners in the county. We need people in Columbus."

We have a problem here," added Councilman Mike Polensek, Ward 8.

City council will have multiple hearings on the new gun law.

They will hear from people against it on September 24.

And they will also hear from people for the gun law on October 15.

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