Caught on tape: Officer disciplined over traffic stop

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SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio- A driver pulled over for speeding said a witness on the other end of his cellphone helped back up his story.

Doug Hayslip Jr., 18, never questioned why he was stopped by South Euclid police on August 22.

The young man knew he was going fast, because he had just sped up to get around an unsafe driver on Monticello Blvd.

But he said during the routine traffic stop, the officer became verbally aggressive and called him curse words and used other profanity.

Doug told FOX 8 he remained apologetic and respectful to the officer.

The incident was caught on the cruiser's dashcam video.

The video also showed Doug’s father, Doug Hayslip Sr., stop in front of his son’s vehicle.

The two men work together and were heading home from a job.

In fact, they were on the phone at the time and Doug Jr. never hung up the call.

He left the phone on speakerphone so his father heard the entire exchange.

“It was just unbelievable the officer didn’t know I was on the phone and when I heard this going down I was like that’s unacceptable,” said Doug Hayslip Sr.

And father and son say the situation escalated when Doug Jr. asked to see the exact speed he was clocked driving.

The officer said he was driving 52 mph in a 35 mph zone.

He says the officer told him, “If you get hit by traffic I don’t care.”

The family reported the situation to police and Wednesday South Euclid Police Assistant Chief Jim Franey announced the results of an internal investigation.

“The video really shows it that the officer did act unprofessional,” said Asst. Chief Franey,

“We’re taking corrective action, that would mean a write up for his file and send him to either a verbal class or some type of anger management.”

The Hayslips said they are pleased to hear that the department’s taking the matter seriously.
They never wanted the officer to lose his job; rather to just be more professional.

“It’s just unnecessary should’ve been a normal routine traffic stop but it quickly changed,” said Doug Jr.

The young man still must go to court to sort out the speeding violation later this month.