Cedar Point gives guests last chance to ride Mantis

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SANDUSKY, Ohio — Cedar Point announced Tuesday the closing of one of its rides with a cryptic YouTube video.

In it, troubled guests scream, “Why would you do this?!” as the Grim Reaper roams through the park.

The video reveals “Mantis gets squashed Oct. 19.”

“It’s time to say goodbye to one of the park’s coasters, and it’s certainly been a different kind of ride for our guests,” said Jason McClure, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point, in a news release. “But we’re extremely excited about what the future holds here at the Roller Coaster Capital of the World™.”

Mantis features a train that secures riders in a standing position.

When it opened on May 11, 1996, it was the tallest, fastest and steepest stand-up roller coaster in the world.

Guests may still ride Mantis before it shuts down on Sunday, Oct. 19 at 8 p.m.

Cedar Point said plans for the 2015 season will be announced at a later date.




  • realbkw

    They should have announced this at the beginning of the season, not the end, to give people who love the ride the opportunity to ride it one last time. For those that can only visit the park occasionally (it IS costly for a family!), they may have missed their chance. Roller coasters are special rides and different coasters around the world have their own devotees. Some of them will be very disappointed to not have that “last ride” opportunity.

    • Pearl

      I agree. I always loved this ride. I couldnt afford to go to Cedar Point this year. Now when I will be able to go back my favorite ride will be gone. I’ve always loved the stand up coasters. They have a totally different feel when you ride them. We already have enough sit down coasters. This news just ruined my day!!

    • not happy

      Agree, my family and I just went on August 30th we have 3 small children and therefore we where only able to pick 2 costers for us adults. had I known the mantis was closing I would have chosen it. Yet another reason cedar point let me down this trip :(

  • Coaster Enthusiest

    Good riddance! The ride was old, outdated, and park goers barely rode it anyway. Embrace the change, let old dogs rest, and be happy it’s gone! The park will be 10 x’s better once they replace it with something new (like a 4D coaster)!

  • Cedar Pont Fan

    No loss to me. I hated it. That and the Raptor gave me headaches from head hitting the side bars. I haven’t rode the Mantis since opening year nor Raptor since it’s opening year.

    • Debi Morgan

      I agree about Mantis! I rode it a couple times but stopped because every time I rode, I ended up with a TERRIBLE headache from hitting my head back and forth on the sidebars. I won’t miss it! Love the Raptor, though, and never had any problems with that one…..

  • I just don't get it!

    Take down the mean streak that nobody rides! Old and wooden really how safe does it make you feel! I won’t anymore. Love the mantis. Sad!

  • eric

    I wanna say that the mantis has been there forever as well as mean streak and the corkscrew as well as the blue steak all these ride were there when I was a kid so making new rides for thrill seekers is probably what’s best to get people back to the park

  • Moe Smith

    “it’s certainly been a different kind of ride for our guests…”

    Translation: 98% of park visitors hated this ride and it was ranked lower than the Iron Dragon.

    • jen

      Except for the fact there was always a line coming out of that ride to the walkway when I would go there. So many people hated that ride? Now how about mean streak it’s shut down half the time.

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