Three spectators could face charges in high school football game fight

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GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio -- It is yet to be determined what disciplinary action will be taken following a huge fight on the football field between two area high school teams.

Garfield Heights police had just cleared a disturbance in the stands, when violence erupted on the field in the game between Cleveland’s Collinwood Railroaders and the Garfield Heights Bulldogs just minutes in to the third quarter Friday night.

Michael Rojak watched in horror as a Garfield Heights teammate was stomped and dragged down the field.

"All of a sudden I just seen a big old crowd. They were on the 50 and all of a sudden they were dragging him all the way to the 20," Rojak said.

Ken Person, of Garfield Heights, was there to watch his son play football. He believes the fight started after one player hit another with what he called a “cheap shot.’

"The teams got to fighting each other. Guys from Collinwood grabbed one of the kids from the Bulldogs team, just got to jumping him. And, they just start fighting. Teams ran on the field. People ran on the field from the stands," Person said, describing the chaos on the field.

Police say things got so out of control that -- for everyone's safety -- they had no choice but to stop the game.

"To prevent any further injury or disturbances that may occur if we didn't shut the game down that's why we took that precaution,” Lt. Tim Capretta said.

Police arrested three people who will likely be charged with disorderly conduct. Capretta said they were not players, but spectators.

Two people went to the hospital, including a football player.

"It's crazy. I don't understand how this happened. There's just too much dumb stuff that is going on," Garfield Heights player Kendrick Person said.

When the game was called, Garfield Heights was winning. But, because of what happened on the field, officials decided to give both teams a loss.

In a statement, Garfield Heights school officials said those involved with the fight will face appropriate discipline.

No word yet from Collinwood school officials will do or whether the Ohio High School Athletic Association will issue any sanctions.

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