Bigger and better: Blue Angels ready to give fans what they missed last year

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The Cleveland National Air Show is back as thousands of fans are excited for the return of the show this Labor Day weekend.

The Blue Angels were out practicing again Thursday.

The show was cancelled last year due to federal budget cuts, but now that it's back, fans are very excited and so are the Blue Angels.

"Oh my gosh, I mean you know, to go to the crowd lines and see these record crowds everywhere we've gone is thrilling and I think the American public realized how special air shows were and to not have that last year, they've just realized, hey almost took it for granted and so did we. It's exciting to do this again and get out there and represent the United States Navy and Marine Corps and inspire kids of all ages and that is what these air shows are all about,” said Commander Tom Frosch, a Blue Angels pilot.

Since there was no air show in 2013, the Blue Angels said this show will be bigger and better than previous years because they want to give the fans what they have been missing.

“There are some great performers here; you've got the Golden Knights; you've got an L39; you've got John Klatt, some really exciting performers."

"I think it's a great day for the whole family to come out. Just don't come out to see the Blue Angels, come see the whole show and I think it will be an exciting day for the whole family,” Commander Frosch said.

Mark Lombardi is from Cleveland and he's a Blue Angels mechanic. He watched the air show as a kid and he's glad to have them back.

"Yeah, it's awesome. It's a really exhilarating feeling coming to my hometown and getting to represent the Navy and Marine Corps and naval aviation really awesome,” Lombardi said.

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