Mom makes dreams a reality through photos of daughter with no hand

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A mother is making fairy tales a reality through photos of her daughter, who was born without a hand.

According to Today, 5-year-old Violet Spring was born with a congenital defect that left her without a fully-formed left hand. When Violet was 2, she asked her mother, photographer Holly Spring, when her hand was going to grow.

Holly said the question was heartbreaking.

Violet is well-adjusted without the hand, but Holly said she decided to “document the world” through Violet’s eyes.

In several photos, Violet is seen in whimsical settings — in the clouds, in a boat holding a fairy, even on a beach looking up at a giraffe.

Holly creates the photos by adding backgrounds and other effects through real photos she takes of her daughter.

Holly said she hopes the photos inspire her daughter to look beyond her physical capabilities as she grows up.

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