Man’s Ice Bucket Challenge comedy is a home run

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There’s the classic:  Man dumps bucket of ice water on head.

There’s the fail:  Bucket of ice water hits man in head.

There’s the Charlie Sheen:  Man dumps bucket of money on head.

And there’s just about every Ice Bucket Challenge in between.

Then this one came along.

Ryan Sweeney, a Pittsburgh-native who lives in Columbus, accepted the challenge, like so many others, to raise ALS awareness.

He used ice and a bucket, but a few extra props and comedic timing turned his attempt into something special.

Sweeney dedicated his Ice Bucket Challenge to Dan Hopper, a friend living with ALS.

It was posted to YouTube last week and featured on Fox 8 News in the Morning Monday.

Watch the videos to see the challenge or click here to make a donation to ALS Association.

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