Police: Man induces panic on school bus, shouts ‘Don’t shoot, this is not Missouri’

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NORTON, Ohio — A Navarre man who said he was a substitute teacher in Stark County has been arrested, accused of inducing panic on a school bus carrying several elementary school students.

Police say it happened Wednesday afternoon, the second day of the new school year.

Norton police said kids were getting onto the bus around 3:30 p.m. at Cornerstone Elementary School, when 67-year-old Kenneth E. Renner tried to walk onto one of the buses with his granddaughter.

He said he wanted to show her the inside of the bus; the bus driver, however, told him he couldn’t be there.

Renner screamed that he was a taxpayer and that he could not be kept off the bus, continuing to argue and attempting to board another school bus.

When the district’s director of transportation was called to the scene, Renner allegedly threw up his arms and yelled, “Don’t shoot. This is not Missouri.”

All drivers were ordered to close their doors. Police arrested Renner at a nearby McDonald’s.

Renner now faces charges of criminal trespassing and inducing panic.

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