Browns game day guide: Travel, tailgating changes this season

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CLEVELAND-- If you've ever been to a Browns game, you know how busy it can get outside FirstEnergy Stadium.

People are everywhere and arrive from all different directions. This year, though, they'll have one less route to take. The city is keeping the pedestrian bridge closed indefinitely.

"Well, if safety is the issue, then it's gotta be done because safety of the fans as well as safety of the players on the field definitely have to be addressed," said Browns fan, Ronald Knazek.

He uses the bridge for games and said it can get pretty congested. That's partly why the city decided to keep it closed. They think it'll ultimately help with traffic flow.

Fans will now have to use alternative routes on West 3rd or East 9th to get to the stadium.

While the plan sounds good in theory, some people like Tawanna Norton, who lives downtown, have their concerns.

"I think it's really a shame if they're going to get rid of that bridge because it kind of helps pedestrians and helps the downtown residents also with a little bit of the traffic flow," she said.

There are going to be some other changes downtown, too. All of them aimed at making the area more friendly for pedestrians and also easier to maneuver for drivers.

CLICK HERE for the City of Cleveland's 'Game Day Safety' plan

Besides that, there will be a few new rules at the Muni Lot. Fans can't line up or stage on the shoreway before game time, and private latrines are banned.

*Watch Lorrie Taylor's story below for more on that*

The city will instead provide 50 portable restrooms along with 75 trash cans and three dumpsters.