Anchors accept Ice Bucket Challenge to support ALS awareness

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You’ve probably seen the videos floating around social media — people dumping a bucket of ice water on their heads.

The trend aims to raise awareness for ALS, also known as Lou Gherig’s disease.

Ice Bucket Challenge complete!

Ice Bucket Challenge complete!

People with the disease lose control of their voluntary muscles, and therefore their ability to speak, eat, walk and eventually breathe.

Only one drug is approved by the FDA to treat ALS, however, it only extends survival by two to three months.

The Ice Bucket Challenge asks people to dump a bucket of ice water on their head.¬† If they don’t do it, they’re asked to contribute a $100 donation.¬† Many who accept the challenge still make a donation.

It is believed to have started with a Massachusetts ALS patient on July 29. Since then, 71,000 new donors have given over $4 million to ALS.

Mary Wheelock, the executive director  of the ALS Association Northern Ohio Chapter, was at our station when the anchors accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Click here to make a donation or to learn more about the cause.

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