Project on hold after human remains found at construction site

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NORWALK, Ohio -- Workers at the site of a new license bureau and title office in Norwalk made a gruesome discovery Friday when they unearthed human remains about four feet underground.

The $1.2 million project began in the last couple of weeks, but work is now on hold at the Huron County-owned property, along Shady Lane Drive.

It’s right next to an old cemetery.

“It’s not a surprise it turned out this way,” Huron County Historian Henry Timman said.

Timman said about 150 people from a nearby county home for indigents were buried at the cemetery between about 1848 and 1916. However, there are few grave stones and no markers to indicate the edge of the cemetery.

“We don't know the bounds of it; that's the problem,” Timman said.

Timman, as well as the county engineer, believed a tree line marked the boundary of the cemetery and that the project was far enough away.

“We kind of moved everything back further just to ensure we didn't run into this problem, but as you can see, we did,” said Huron County Commissioner Tom Dunlap, adding that officials hoped to have much of the work completed by winter. For now, the project has been temporarily delayed until officials figure out a way forward.

“It ultimately ends up costing the taxpayers money, and that's what we were trying to avoid,” Timman said.

The Huron County Coroner told FOX 8 News the bones were sent to the Lucas County Coroner’s Office to be examined by a paleontologist.