Residents shocked to hear of armed robbery in Strongsville neighborhood

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STRONGSVILLE, Ohio -- Strongsville's High Point neighborhood is a world unto itself; it's a place where residents feel safe.

That's why an armed robbery on Framingham Oval, early Friday morning, had some rethinking that sense of security they've long taken for granted.

"I mean, yeah, that's not something that sits very easy," said Jim Kalin, who lived across the street from where the crime took place.

Kalin and his wife, Pat, were among the first to move in 26 years ago. He told FOX 8's Lorrie Taylor there had never been a crime on the street.

"I think when I walk out I'm going to be looking around a little bit more, to protect myself," said Mrs. Kalin.

According to the victim, who asked not to be identified, he'd just exited his car around 1:18 Friday morning when a young man ran towards him. The gunman put a revolver in the man’s face and ordered him to his knees.

"I grew up in this community, yeah, I'm completely shocked to hear that," said Erik Cook, who lived a few doors away.

The victim said the gunman took his wallet, $180, and a cell phone. He then took off running, jumped into a nearby car and drove off.

Both the victim and his neighbors had a theory as to what might have drawn crime to their quiet street.

They wondered if the victim was targeted. He told Taylor he spent a few hours at the Horseshoe Casino Thursday night.  He recalled being followed by a man who never gambled, but eventually asked him for money. He said investigators informed him the suspicious individual could be seen on the casino's security tapes. That might provide valuable information to authorities, as well as, an important reminder to the public to always be vigilant.

"You hear it all the time,” said neighbor Wendy Richardson, “when people say, 'oh my gosh, not here,' but obviously it makes you realize, even, anywhere you go, it could happen."