LeBron gives back: Basketball star wants to make kids’ dreams come true

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fans2AKRON-- The excitement for LeBron's homecoming was huge on Friday, but there was also praise for how the athlete gives back to kids in the Akron community.

It is clear the children in the Akron community are very important to LeBron James.

It was the first point he brought up to the media. His mission is to give the same opportunities he had.

"These kids have the biggest dreams in the world," said LeBron.

LeBron added that it's all about making those dreams come true.

Before Friday night's rally at InfoCision Stadium in Akron, kids and their families got a good meal.

A new class of third graders was brought into the LeBron James Family Foundation's Wheels for Education program.

So far, 800 kids are part of the program.

They will be given bikes, helmets, and clothing after they complete a learning enrichment camp.

"I just think it's a great opportunity to help out kids that do the right thing and do what they're supposed to do," said Cole Bever, a volunteer.

"They promised LeBron that they'll listen to their teachers and live a healthy lifestyle," said Desiree Bolden, with Akron Public Schools.

Also, the children promise to get good grades.

Like Martell Wilson.

"He really enjoys the program. He gets extra help throughout the school year with reading and math," said Neckole Herring, Wilson's mom.

"For me, playing the game of basketball has given me so much, a vehicle to give these kids hope, give them inspiration," LeBron said.

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