Community searching for missing firehouse dog

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SHREVE, Ohio -- A Wayne County firehouse is searching for its beloved mascot who went missing a few days ago.

"I just wanna find my dog," said Pennie Burns, Ember's owner.

Pennie Burns and her husband, Fire Chief Mark Burns, are looking for their family pet and firehouse mascot who went missing on Tuesday in the Shreve area, which is near Wooster.

Ember is a 10-year-old Dalmatian.

"We are devastated by our loss, we are just praying that people in the area of where she is lost can help ya know give us calls or tips with anything," said Pennie Burns.

"Ember has been here since she was a puppy. She comes to the fire station everyday, all the school kids know ember and she's just part of the station," said Chief Mark Burns.

Mark Burns and his family were on vacation in Tennessee when Ember went missing , and as soon as they heard the news they cut their vacation short to come back home to find her as soon as they could.

"We were on vacation, left her with friends, which we have done before but she slipped out -- there was a crack in the door and she saw her opportunity to get out and run and she went," said Mark Burns.

When Mark Burns came to the firehouse, he felt that something was missing and it was man's best friend.

"I came to work this morning and I thought I don't have something with me and it was the dog so it's a challenge to come to work without Ember," said Mark Burns.

Ember was last seen on Thursday morning on Shreve Eastern Road before she ran into a field and disappeared.