Wikimedia refusing photographer’s request to remove ‘monkey selfie’

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Wikimedia is refusing to remove an image of a monkey despite requests by a photographer to do so.

According to The Telegraph, photographer David Slater says the monkey in question took his camera during a shoot in Indonesia in 2011. The monkey then took hundreds of “selfies.”

One photo selfie in particular got a lot of attention, and it was added to Wikimedia Commons’ collection of images that anyone is permitted to use for free.

Slater wants the photo removed, claiming he owns the copyright, and says Wikimedia has “jeopardized his income.” But Wikimedia officials disagree, saying Slater does not own the copyright since the monkey took the photo.

On its website, Wikimedia lists the author of the monkey as the monkey, calling it a self-portrait “rotated and cropped by David Slater.”

It also states: This file is in the public domain, because as the work of a non-human animal, it has no human author in whom copyright is vested.”

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