Akron family gets ‘outside makeover’ thanks to boy’s hard work & LeBron

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AKRON, Ohio -- LeBron James keeps a promise to make a lasting change in his hometown, and Akron students keep their promise to do well in school.

The Owens family got an outside makeover at their Ira Avenue home in Akron Saturday as part of the LeBron James Family Foundation Promise Project.

"They said that they were going to renovate our yard.  I didn't think it was going to be this much.  It looks really good.  I am really excited," Belinda Owens said about her house.

This is part of James’ commitment to his hometown of Akron.

Bryce Owens, 11, a Wheels for Education student, has kept his promise to excel in school. As a reward, he was one of ten students selected for a yard renovation.

"I promised that I will finish school. I would read books, get good grades. Never give up. That's what these wrist bands are for,” Bryce said as he looked at his ‘I will never give up’ and ‘I Promise’ wristbands. "I always look at it to remind me of what I got and what I need to do: Dream Big."

The NBA superstar provided the inspiration for the Promise Project and volunteers with JP Morgan Chase provided the manpower to get the work done.

"We are happy to be a part of his Promise Project which is getting out in the community to some of his children's homes.  We had a great team come out, do a lot of landscaping; beautify one of the kids’ homes in LeBron's Foundation.  So, it's a fun day,” said JP Morgan Chase Executive Director Jonathan Stroup.

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