Download: Dad blogger wants to ‘banish the playdate’

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A dad blogger has raised a battle cry against the playdate, claiming it is ruining kids, or more specifically, the spontaneity of children.

The writer of noted when he was young he would call a friend on the phone, ask him to play, then jump on his bike and head over to his house.

It never required synchronizing schedules for a future event.

He also mentioned the word carries a formality, as if he “should be preparing a cheese plate.”

DadnCharge said scheduled activities inhibit kids’ imaginations and impedes their ability to be independent thinkers.

Read more on his stance and efforts to ‘banish the playdate’ here.


  • Tammy Sablack

    I had always planned on stopping playdates as soon as my son started calling his friends on the phone. Always thought they were only for kids who couldn’t make their own plans.

  • Britt Sanders

    Playdates are for YOUNG children and babies. Some children have speech delays and can’t vocalize what they would like to do. Another example of think before you speak. Leave the playdates and children to the moms!

    • vanessa

      I see his understanding but yes as these two woman just stated play dates are for children that CANT call their friends yet, for babies and toddlers but if your scheduling a play date for your preteens then there’s a problem.

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