#WeStillComing a hoax, but real story behind viral photo is even better!

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The story went viral this week: a bride accidentally texted an invitation to the wrong person, and the stranger still showed up with his friends after texting back: “we still coming.”

The “text conversation” and the photo of the strangers with the married couple were shared all over social media, and even prompted the hashtag: #westillcoming.

Friday, however, it was revealed that the story was a hoax, according to People. But the couple in the photo has an even better story about their big day that they say is true.

Ian and Amy Hicks told People Magazine they were married in Detroit, and afterward got on a trolley with their wedding party and had their photos taken at spots around the city. During one of those stops, they bumped into rap group 7262, who was in the process of taping a music video.

The rappers were the “strangers” in that viral photo.

The couple and their wedding party stopped to dance with the rappers — they didn’t realize they were being filmed.

A month later, one of the rappers texted the groom’s brother — and said the whole group made it into their music video for the song “Anthem.”

The couple says the whole misunderstanding with the hoax has been entertaining.

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